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Sixtine and Marisa, two European Solidarity Corps volunteers, talk about their arrival in Molfetta and the start of their volunteering activities.

Starting your volunteering experience

In previous podcasts, we’ve talked about how to apply for the European Solidarity Corps and what participating in such a project can teach you, both in term of work-related skills, experience, maturity and independence. But starting a volunteering experience can be intimidating, especially when it’s your first time living abroad or living on your own, away from home. 

In this podcast, Marisa and I talk about our first couple of weeks in Molfetta in order to show you that there’s nothing to be worried about.

We both arrived in Italy in September 2019 – and quite a sunny September at that! A very nice change from the usual Belgian/Luxembourgish weather!

Marisa is working in a school, and while it is a bit weird to be working with students who are not that much younger than she is, she is enjoying it and thinking about different projects she can organise with her students, whereas I’m working with InCo Molfetta and doing a lot of different things, including a Youth Exchange! Our projects are very different, but very rewarding nonetheless.

The most difficult part when we arrived was the language barrier, especially as we hadn’t started our Italian language lessons back then. The barrier still remains sometimes, but as our Italian gets better it has become much less of a problem! One of the highlights of the European Solidarity Corps is definitely the fact that you’re getting free language lessons of the main language of the country you’re doing your project in.

While leaving home to live abroad and take part in an experience like the European Solidarity Corps can seem intimidating, it is a fantastic opportunity and one I highly encourage all our readers and listeners to seize.

Here’s to future volunteers!

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