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Volunteering abroad with the European Solidarity Corps: Cecilia and Kristina

Sharing my experiences of volunteering aborad with the Italian way of life through this podcast, has been an interesting experience. First I was not that psyched about the thought of having my voice recorded and put on the Internet for everyone to listen to. Mostly because I found the entire set-up awkward, since I did not know my coworker Kristina very well at the time. In general I also prefer to stay behind the scenes, instead of taking part in the live action, but that strategy is not always possible.

Despite my doubts and hesitation I ended up with a fun memory of Kristina and me sitting in front of each other with these huge earbuffs (that completely isolates any other sounds than your voices) on. In between us were two microphones that were tuned in on our voices. We looked ridiculous and I found holding back my laughter over the scenery difficult.

However, we got through and with some editing (mostly me who could not remember the name of the song we wanted to introduce), the podcast turned out great.

So, please enjoy our hard work. I hope it can inspire you to consider ESC (and similar programs).

Articolo di Cecilia Worm